Our team can assist with your project from start to finish, but as software changes and hardware gets ever more powerful, your prepress needs become more demanding as the possibilities increase.

Did you know, we are one of the only print shops that not only accept, but can also manipulate native working files from Adobe Creative Cloud, Quark, Corel and Microsoft, to name a few? We are a MAC and PC compatible shop with experts on both platforms.


Your job’s specifics are unique to you, as are the production possibilities here at Digital Direct Printing. Our Prepress department enlists years of problem solving and numerous success stories, matching your project needs with the most efficient production software and equipment. It all begins with our team working with our Heidelberg PDF workflow and imposition system.

Wes is our resident detail freak, which is good because he needs to be! He takes your design files and realizes them in a production environment with our Heidelberg JDF workflow and imposition system. Every project has the potential to go awry, but our Prepress department keeps them on track to promote a successful result. In Wes’ words, “Prepress is a willingness to embrace the limitations of a software specific tool set” – who knew!


Design & Production

Paul is our in-house graphic designer – and part-time acoustic musician. He works closely with Wes to ensure that all aspects of your design are going to print correctly and intercept any file problems before we go to the expense of generating proofs – thus saving you time and money. If you need, Paul can create new files or make updates to yours – when he creates files, they’re good to go!

So whether you are an expert or a newbie to layout and prepress and you are having an issue with file setup, colour management, print specifications or simply have a question, just let us know!

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